Deeper Dive Sessions

Monday, April 3, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Deeper Dive Session 1

The 17 Gaps That Sabotage Your Emergency Plans & How to Fill Them

Room Forum 15
Sandy Hook, Aurora, CO; and Hurricane Sandy emphasizes that emergency planning for your organization is subject to many federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards. Most who are tasked with creating and maintaining emergency plans are confused or overwhelmed regarding those standards.Learn what laws, regulations and standards apply to your emergency planning, training and exercises. Learn what a lawsuit will do to you if you don’t create a plan to standard. Learn the 17 gaps that can sabotage your emergency plans today and how to fill them.

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Deeper Dive Session 2

Encouraging Growth and Resilience for Today’s FM

Room Forum 20
What Important Questions Should We Be Asking About Our Growth and Resilience? (And, How Do We Know These Are the Correct Questions?)

Chances are you have read articles, attended conference sessions, or led meetings focused on delivering top-notch-bottom-line-enhancing customer service. But what about the Facility Managers themselves? What do we do to help them cultivate their own “bottom-line”—their own personal and professional growth and resilience? What do we do, for instance, to mentor the new facility managers and re-energize the senior ones? What do we do to help the people who we charge with providing quality service to our internal and external customers?

Unlike many sessions where someone from “out there” tells you what to do in your space, this Deeper Dive session gives you the forum to engage in meaningful dialogue and “question-storming” with colleagues from around the nation about their bright-spots and not-so-bright spots.

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Deeper Dive Session 3

Strengthening Bonds, Brand & Business – IFMA’s Guide to the Benefits of Associate Membership

Room Forum 21
FREE to IFMA Associate members & Fusion booth staff interested in joining IFMA, this illuminating session will help you succeed in communicating to and connecting with the FM community.

  • Association business etiquette
  • Being a source of knowledge, information & referrals
  • Making the most of your association benefits
  • Elevating your presence
  • Q&A with senior member panelists
Course Member Price Nonmember Price
Deeper Dive Session along with Fusion Full Event Registration $100 $150
Deeper Dive Session ONLY $200 $250